College Grove Elementary PTO
Invest In Your Child’s Success

PDF FORM: Invest 2016-2017

Invest In Your Child 2016/2017
The money raised this year will contribute to the continued needs of our growing school. This is the first of three major fundraisers for the school year.

How Does “Invest In Your Child’ Work?
Simply determine how much you are willing to invest, complete the form on the back of this letter, write your check and send in. It’s that easy!

Why Participate?
– All the funds collected directly benefit the students and support College Grove Elementary – the school keeps 100% of donated funds!
– No hassle fundraising means there is no door to door selling, collecting, or delivering; this is also safer for our students.
– All money you donate is tax deductable.

We would love for all families to participate in this fundraser. You can share the opportunity to invest in CGES with grandparents and other loved ones. Also, many companies match personal contributions to non-profit educational organizations (please check with your employers). Every dollar counts! Please take the time to seriously consider the campaign, and offer an investment to help reach our financial goal to help College Grove Elementary!
Thank You!
We greatly appreciate your help and support!


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